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The annual MP Workshop would not be possible without all the people that contribute. In particular, several critical people step up each year to plan, organize, develop lessons, run the workshop, teach, collect post-workshop surveys, and begin planning again. This page highlights those individuals who have contributed significantly to this workshop each year.


2020 is particularly important as the transition from an in-person 40-person workshop to an online 100-person workshop represents a significant effort. The workshop lesson plan changes a little bit each year, but these individuals stepped up and reworked the lessons for a virtual teaching environment. This represents 100's, if not well over 1000+ combined hours of effort.


  • Shyam Dwaraknath

  • Matthew Horton

  • Patrick Huck

  • Alice Muller

  • Kristin Persson


  • Ryan Kingbury

  • Guy Moore

  • Jason Munro

  • Sam Blau

  • Evan Spotte-Smith

  • Oxana Andriuc

  • John Dagdelen

  • Rachel Woods-Robinson

  • Alex Ganose


  • Mingjian Wen

  • Jianli Cheng

  • Ann Rutt

  • Hetal Patel

  • Kara Fong

  • Matt McDermott

  • Jimmy Shen

  • Eric Sivonxay