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Before the Workshop

Virtual Poster-Session

We'll host a virtual poster-session via a YouTube video for lightning summaries and a FigShare repository with associated DOI for citation. Please email:

  • your poster PDF
  • a 1-minute lighting video explaining the main concept behind your poster. This shouldn't be detailed summary of your work, but rather a high-level description that everyone can listen to and then decide which posters they want to focus on such as an elevator-pitch.

We'll host the lightning-videos on our YouTube Channel and publish the PDFs on FigShare with a DOI that everyone can cite for this poster session.

Setup Instructions

  1. Sign in to your MP account online. Register for an account first if needed.
  2. Sign in to an account on CoCalc using the same email address you registered with. This will be the online python service we'll use to work interactively. If you don't use the email you registered for the workshop with to register on, please send me an email so that I know. We'll use CoCalc as an interactive python environment where you can code alongside the lessons, work on exercises, and get live-help and feedback from our helpers.

Lesson Format

  1. Lessons will be broadcast via Zoom with live audio + screencast from the instructor. You won't need a microphone or camera. Please make sure audio works via Zoom.
  2. We'll use CoCalc for all our collaborative work. An in-notebook chat will allow attendees to ask for help. Instructors and helpers will be able
  3. We'll set up a Slack channel for group chat. This will allow attendees to ask general questions and chat amongst each other as well.

Finding your API Key:

An important aspect of the Materials Project API is the use of API keys to ensure we can control the amount of traffic that comes to the API. Otherwise, it's very easy for someone to take down the MP servers, making them unavailable for anyone. Your API key can be accessed via the Dashboard:

  1. Login to your Materials Project account and find the dashboard in the top right hand corner

MP Dashboard

  1. Your API is displayed in the middle under the Generate API Key button. Keep this to yourself. You can reset your API key at any time.


Finding your MPContribs API Key:

Currently the API key for MPContribs is separate from Materials Project. In order to get your MPContribs API key.

  1. Login to
  2. Hover over the More drop-down in the top right hand corner

MP Contribs More

  1. Click the API Key button to copy your API key to your clipboard. You can now paste this into your notebook during the MPContribs lesson.

MP Contrib API Key

During the Workshop

Start of the Day Instructions

  1. Sign in to CoCalc
  2. Sign in to the Zoom Link
  3. Sign in to the MP Workshop slack

Lesson Format

The lessons will be taught in 20-minute sessions as 10-minutes of lesson followed by 10-minutes of a hands-on exercise. You're welcome to follow along with the already filled in hand-out notebook or by typing in to an empty notebook as we go along in the lesson.

If you need help

Click the chat icon at the top right corner your CoCalc browser window. CoCalc Chat

Type in a message in the new chat window followed by Shift+Enter to send the message and our helpers will be notified.

If you have a General Question

Feel free to ask a question in the MP Workshop Slack #workshop2020 channel